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Common order

If you wish to join this bulk order, use the next empty colomn, add your name, email and phone number. Then write the amount (kg) of each product you want to order (look at the example !)
If you don’t want to share your contact informations, write only your PSEUDO, and email to your PSEUDO, and your name, email, phone number (I won’t share it with anyone else).
As soon as We reach a total amount of around DKK 23000, the order will be processed (the total amount before processing the order will depend of the proportion of products with the special nødderafgift… I will have to calculate and let everybody know as soon as the order can be processed).

Then I will start to collect all the payments (you will be refund if not everybody pays its part and the order can’t be processed), and once it’s done, I’ll make the order from my suplier and notice everybody when it arrives.
I will organise the distribution around samsø (bring your own bags : as it is bulk order, products may arrive in big bags, so you should have your bags to collect the amont you ordered !)

A last word just to notice that OF COURSE it is all organic, I won’t be able to sell poison !
Enjoy !

You can see and add your order below, or by clicking this link.