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Cooperative project

The long-term project is to create a cooperative of chocolate makers and cocoa farmers for direct cooperation. The idea is to enable everyone to achieve their goals: by being in direct contact, the cooperators could explain what they expect from each other and try to adjust their working method to better meet the expectations of others. To give just a few examples: chocolate makers, even the smallest, could see their quality wishes raised and cocoa farmers could free themselves from the influence of market prices.

This cooperative would be open to all those whose aims are as follows:

-Only an agriculture based on the principles of organic farming will be allowed (including non-cooperative production), certified if possible, and a method of cultivation and work as transparent as possible so that the final consumer is able to understand his purchase. It is important to note that even certified organic farming can contribute to soil degradation. Cooperators should take this into consideration and ensure that soils are used taking into account future generations.

-Favor local exchanges. Cooperators must be invested locally, so at least 50% of their total production (including non-cooperative production) should be distributed locally. Farmers will therefore have to allocate half of their land to local production, or at least keep half of their land being wild as this is also a way of preserving local ecosystems. Chocolate makers will focus on a local clientele for at least 50% of their production. Up to everyone to understand « local » as he wishes, the national scale being the threshold limit set by the cooperative, with a possibility of extension for cooperators located in the border area.

-Means of transport will be thought together and cocoa beans will be transported in the most ecological way possible. Ideally a sailboat would make one trip a year between the different cocoa producing countries, and deliver all the chocolate makers cooperators as close as possible to their facilities. This would limit the financial (shared transport) and environmental (wind use) costs of transportation.

-All cooperators have the same rights. The exchanges will have to be fair. Really fair. The remuneration of all cooperators (and their employees) involved in the production, for example, of a chocolate bar, should be of the same order of magnitude and based on the work provided and not on the geographical position.

-All cooperators have the opportunity to participate in the decisions of the cooperative where each voice has the same value.

The idea is not to create a strict control system because it would use (waste) a lot of human energy. This energy should be used to produce chocolate, not to control the chocolate production… But transparency and willingness to publicly share work methods should be promoted by cooperators to inform consumers, to show that they can be proud of what they have to offer, and to allow consumers to consume responsibly.